Ive had a few pasta's and a pizza. The pasta is KILLER! Fresh just like the home country. My wife had a salmon dish, perfectly cooked (read not overdone), even after the ward up in the microwave. Pizza was good too. He as some odd looking pasta shapes, try the one with cream sauce and peas. Everything is super fresh.
— Chris A.
Yum!! Terrific pasta with all of the best ingredients. Chef Sven even put up with me and my friends splitting the bill a hundred different ways....we were all broke. He heated up all of the food for us, due to our lack of available microwave and shared a couple of his delicious breadsticks with my friend's doggie. Amazing food and a small town environment...what's better than that?
— Kristen P.
Are you kidding? This is THE place I rely on when I'm too spaced to cook myself. Thin crust pizza is always good and the take out entreees in the deli case ($9.00 to 12.00) are restaurant quality. The beef fillet medallions with mashed potato, asparagas and porcini sauce would be $25.00 in a sit down restaurant.
— Richard P.
Mauro's entrees are so delicious I want to lick the plate afterward! I love the butternut ravioli and chicken picatta --- my husband usually likes the beef and lasagna best. The pizza is so good, also! Last visit I got entrees and a piece of pizza (Leeks, Walnuts, gloriously delicious sauce) for the way home. They're so nice I got it warmed up and cut in half to share. This to-go joint is great for home-cooked dinner without the trouble. I've visited Mauro's at least a dozen times- never disappoints!
— Yelp K.
Yummy Pizza! Quick, reasonable and sooooooooo nice!
Make sure to grab a breadstick to snack on while you wait.
— Kari Z.
Oh my crap this place is good. Seriously, it may have the best pasta and pizza in Marin. Why? Quality ingredients incredibly prepared at awesome prices. Eat there now.

The only reason I can think of that this place doesn't have like 29 reviews is because it's mostly take-out. It's not a hip restaurant where people hang out. You grab and go.

But what you grab is mind-bogglingly delicious. How many pizza places are run by talented chefs? I mean, Chef with a capital C? This is not your gooey pizza that you dip in ranch dressing (though I certainly have a love for that as well). This is not your pretentious pizza with unpronounceable ingredients, either. But it is *quality* and interesting and did I mention delicious?

The magical case full of prepared dinners should not be ignored. I brought home what basically amounts to a small bucket of carbonara the other night for $9. It was 3 meals for me. Peppery, creamy, bacony awesomeness. Other stuff you'll see in meals in the case: veal, prosciutto, leeks, chicken, eggplant parmesan, chanterelles, smoked salmon. You get the idea. I'm just going to say "quality ingredients lovingly prepared" one more time, cuz that's where good food is really at.

Plus, Chef Sven is a very friendly dude and a nice guy to talk to while you wait.
— Sue M.
Excellent place to pick up a prepared Italian meal (salad and pasta) and a slice of pizza to go! Delicious, fresh dishes and a great personality behind the counter!
— Karen K.
So, I am hanging out at my friend's Tac store, Marin Tac & Feed, and as always she is SUCH a chatty Cathy with her customers. Anyway, I was a bit hungry and wanted to grab a not so bad for me snack so Jessica sent me with an evil grin around the corner to Mauro's Pizza & Pasta.

As I walked up, it looked more like a Laundromat than a restaurant. As I walked in, it looked worse, however, seeing can be disbelieving. I looked in for pizza expecting a couple of full pizzas which slices would be cut off and heated in the oven. However there were 4 stacks of about a dozen each stacked in a refrigerated case. To tell you the truth, I am a person who lived in Chicago for 4 years and NYC for over 7 and I know one thing above all else and that is a good pizza.

Needless to say I asked for a combo slice which was quite big as it would have been considered 2 slices in another pizza joint. After waiting a few minutes, the slice was brought to me and even fulfilled my request for an ample amount of fresh garlic.

There I am in Fairfax sitting outside on their 'patio' and unexpectedly enjoying one of the best slices I have had in years. Yes, my friends it was absolutely lovely. Here is the break down on why they make a good slice.

Veggies: precooked so they were firm and not lost in the pizza
Meat: soft and actually tasted like quality meat without being oily
Spices: subtle, but they were separated for each bit was different
Dough: not soggy even if it was stored for a day.
Crust: crunchy but not sticky or chewy
Cheese: light, but marbled with both white and orange cheese
Oil: light olive oil, but absolutely no grease to wring out

Overview, hands down Mauro's Pizza & Pasta is the best slice in Marin and quite possibly my top 5 in the Bayarea. It is up there with Zack's in Berkeley and Little Star in the Mission.

So if you headed out to West Marin for a picnic, beach or scenic drive, grab a few slices and ask for extra garlic and enjoy the day the right way
— Jai D.
his place has the best best best home made pizzas, pasta's, dinners, and salads. They cook right there, and everything is awesome. The soups and breadsticks are delicious too!
I have been feeding my kids and myself with the food forever, and I should have YELPED it sooner, but here you go, and give it a taste. You will keep going back. Great food, great price!!!
— Allison B.
Preface: Do you have a sexy woman you are trying to impress with a romantic home cooked meal? Follow the steps below for a foolproof guide to entertaining that special someone.

Step 1: Go to Whole Foods and buy the finest ingredients for your recipe plus a bottle of wine. Bill=$85.
Step 2: You come home, clean the kitchen, start preparing the meal and pop open the wine.
Step 3: 45 minutes and half a bottle of wine later, the kitchen is filthy and you have managed to forget about what was cooking in the oven, the smoke detector is going off and you scream "oh shit-what now!?"
Step 4: Open window, air out house.
Step 5: Grab your keys and go to Mauro's.
Step 6: Pick up the Spinach-Pesto Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Fillet Medallions, Pizza, Bread sticks. If you are "cooking" for two the bill will equal about $20 to $30.
Step 7: Feel like a pimp because you just "made dinner" for a hottie in your own home (she'll never know).

Moral of the Story: Don't waste your time, money and clean kitchen trying to make dinner on your own to impress someone. A burnt frying pan and a red wine hangover just isn't cool. Let the guys at Mauro's do their job and make your life easy. High quality foods, the prices are reasonable and you will have enough leftovers for the next day because the portions are huge.

***Mauro's also does catering for that perfect family event that you dropped the ball on.
— Len B.
I have to say that this is the best pizza that we have found in Marin- better than LoCocco's, better than Mulberry Street.

The Hobb's meat products take the gold ribbon of pizza ingredients. The menu is diverse, creative (fennel on white pizza? mmmmm) and never disappointing....all around a delicious place.

I have yet to try the pasta specials, but with pizza like theirs, it will be a long while before I am willing break the pizza ordering habbit.
— Tracee E.
Love, love, LOVE this place!! The thin crust of the pizza reminds me of being in Italy, and the sauce tastes like it's made fresh of tomatoes picked straight from the vine. Basically, anything they sell that's made with that sauce is HEAVENLY!!

Also, try their salad with goat cheese & sun-dried tomato vinaigrette. I would DEFINITELY recommend this place!! I eat there whenever I'm in Fairfax.
— Meaghan M.
I was about to give up on food in Marin but my friend brought me here and boo yah it's a hit. The food actually has flavor and taste like it was home cooked out of fresh ingredients. The lasagna is excellent to take home and heat up in the oven and don't forget to grab a few bread sticks or 10. The chicken Marsala and chicken Parmesan are very tasty also. The pizza I've sampled has been great and I will be bringing one home soon. I wish I had come here sooner but better late then never.
— Cass T.
Best pizza! Great spot!
— Lawrence C.
super good!
be sure and ask for the homemade ranch dipping sauce for the pizza!
Its to die for
— K.J.
Awesome Flavor and crust is off the hook crunchy and chewy with a little burn on it!
Go Now!
— Mattia B.
I love the pizza here. It has become my favorite local pizza place and I can't wait try some of their other options. They have a few places to sit, but for the most part I wouldn't say this is a sit down restaurant. It is definitely a to go joint, but definitely worth it.
— Carla K.
Best Pizza in Fairfax, maybe all of Marin.

Great thin crust pizza, made fast, always on time and awesome customer service every time I have been there.

My gf and I missed good pizza after moving out of the city, and didn't order from Mauro's for awhile bc they didn't deliver. Glad we finally tried them, its my go-to takeout pie and better than anything else I have tried in Marin.

Haven't tried the entrees or the corn crust pies yet, but they do look good. Fresh pizza dough breadsticks are a nice touch if you have to wait a few minutes.
— Mark B.
Best-kept secret heading out towards West Marin. Out of this world exceptional pizza from a little whole in the wall. Prepare yourself to be be amazed! An under-discovered gem that goes out of its way to make me feel I am in Italy again- the pizza is a phenomenon!
— Ilene W.
A legit pizza place in Marin!
Fresh, tasty, affordable pizza.
This is the closest thing to an old-school East Coast pizza joint that I've been able to find in Marin.
The staff is super friendly, and the bread sticks are ridiculously good!!
This is my go-to take-out place for pizza.
— John J.
The pizza has a New York style - thin and just a little crispy. I brought home some take-out lasagne with meat sauce. It smelled so good when I heated it up in the microwave that my vegetarian wife had to try some (she kept saying the little bites she took had no meat, but c'mon it was meat sauce!)
— Rex F.
Went here yesterday after my sons soccer game. Wow is the pizza good. If you like hand tossed thin crust you will love it here. We picked individual slices from a wide variety of choices. Loved them all. We also tried the thick but extremely light corn meal crust. It was different than any crust I have ever had, but amazing. Crunchy on the outside and thick and pillow soft on the inside. Many interesting topping combinations.

We loved the pizza so much we got some of the home made italian entrees to go and had them for dinner at home. They were also great.

The owner/chef does it all and is very friendly.

We will definitely go back to this place the next time we are in the area.
— Karen K.
Love this place! Sven knows what's up and does a MEAN cornmeal crust pizza. I don't eat out much and prefer to make my own meals, but in a time crunch, I love stopping into Mauro's to see what looks good. I'm not a big pasta girl, but they have other pre-made entrees (like salmon with asparagus) that one can purchase and warm up at home.
— Kity Kat K.
I have been aggressively seeking a pizza reminiscent of the pies I loved back home in NY/CT ever since I moved out to CA...so far, Mauro's comes closest. Even the plain cheese/sauce pizza was outstanding.

Friendly service and reasonably priced.

Tip: I ask for my pizza "well baked, and not a lot of cheese."
— Nicole G.
Pizza is excellent!!!! My boyfriend is from NY and has a hard time finding good pizza out here and he even loved the pizza at Mauro's. We loved it so much we had to try their organic pasta the next day. It was a bit strange having to take it home and microwave but really oh my god the ravioli is out of this world.
— Mariella B.